Letter To California Department of Public Health:

I am writing on behalf of my child asking you to STOP holding our kids hostage!

We ask that you please follow recent and accurate scientific data and allow our students to return to school this fall without harmful and unnecessary policies like mandatory masking, excessive quarantining, and ineffective routine asymptomatic testing.

All of these policies have kept hundreds of thousands of California students from attending and fully participating in classroom instruction this year without any known benefit, and they will continue to deny millions more children their constitutional right to a free (and meaningful) public education this coming school year if they are not immediately rescinded.

Multiple mask studies have been conducted, the most recent published by JAMA Pediatrics: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapediatrics/fullarticle/2781743 “We suggest that decision-makers weigh the hard evidence produced by these experimental measurements accordingly, which suggest that children should not be forced to wear face masks.”

There is plenty of significant evidence that children do not need to wear masks. It is widely accepted that children are at drastically lower risk from COVID-19 than adults and have a lower chance of being infected by and transmitting the virus to others. The CDC confirms that child deaths from COVID-19 are significantly below that of a typical season of influenza, and recent studies in the UK confirm that long-term symptoms post-infection are also exceedingly rare in children. Data from schools across the US and Europe which did not implement mask requirements show infection rates as low as those which did. Despite the belief that the spread of COVID-19 is being driven by asymptomatic carriers, data continues to show that people who are asymptomatic have a significantly lower viral load and rarely transmit the virus to others.

With teachers, staff and other adults all having had the opportunity to be fully vaccinated, the perceived risk of children spreading the virus to adults has been removed. Therefore, there is no public health justification for forcing children to wear masks in school. When balanced against the physical, mental and emotional harm that is now becoming evident, it is clear that masks do more harm than good. Studies have found that masks cause anxiety and depressive feelings, and impair a child’s social development and ability to communicate.

California Department of Health (CDPH) must start following the current scientific data that shows that its current requirements for masks, quarantines and testing are outdated and overcautious. CDPH must also weigh the physical, mental and academic harm to students from these policies that unnecessarily deny students their fundamental right to an education. As school districts need to properly plan and implement these policies for the fall, we are asking CDPH to immediately revise these guidelines. 

As one among thousands of parents that make up Let Them Breathe I am calling on state and local representatives and agencies to discontinue these harmful policies and act in the best interest of our children. Effective today.

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