We have a seven year old

Seven years ago our entire world changed. Seven years ago today we became whole. We became parents. Seven years ago you were born. 

I can’t even believe I am able to share your birth story with you. I don’t know if you fully understand the magnitude of events that played out the night of March 5, going into your birthday the 6th. Honestly it’s only now that I even understand the chain of events that took place. And for that I seem to hold you even tighter as you get older. 

On getting older it would be an understatement to say you changed so much since last year and even in the past 6 months. You are evolving into this beautiful kind hearted inquisitive little miss. You’re understanding more complex things, like you understand on a different level now. You’re becoming bolder in the best way possible, along with tougher; you can handle stuff in a more mature way. 

Sweet munch; your kindness grows everyday (if that’s even possible) you would give your brother the last dollar in wallet, the last gummy bear more times than not and you are the one offering to clean up his messes and even willing to take the blame on some stuff. 

We used to have this saying about your great grandfather; seriously “they don’t make em like him anymore”. Well I can see that in you, they sure don’t make em like you babe! 

Keep evolving keep smiling and don’t ever let anyone or anything dim that light of yours; because that’s my favorite part of every day; getting to see your light shine bright xoxo 

We love you to the moon and back,

Mamáe + Daddy 

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