Dear Present Self: read this.

Dear Present Self:   read this.

Dear Present Self,

I know you’re not one to live in the unknown for long periods of time. So I wanted to give you some advice going forward; 

You need a routine without grabbing your phone first thing in the morning. 

Start your day with: 




Whatever fills your spiritual cup, do that.

Next; turn off all news. Yes all news including documentaries. No matter how much you try to figure it all out you won’t be able to. The stress that you create because of worry and doubt will only harm your future, not help it!

Now is a good time to work on yourself as an individual. Strengthen your relationship with God. Strengthen your family. Your children need you more than ever. You need to teach them to be critical thinkers. Teach them about intuition. Focus on healthy things. Get outdoors. Take a hike. Go for a run. Organize your closet. Spend more time being in the moment and right now that moment might just be snuggling your babies. 

Love, Me 

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