Public School to Homeschool

Public School to Homeschool

You can simply opt out. You can say NO, this isn’t working for us. I can do better for my kids. Here’s how it happened: distance learning until further notice was how our year kicked off. I had every intention of the kids going back. Hybrid model that entailed M-F half day, the other half online/independent work. Wouldn’t it be nice to just go back to the way things used to be. Pre Covid. but it can’t, it won’t, and it may never….

I already knew this would be a challenge given how last year went. But hearing that the teachers had gone through extensive training this summer ready to roll with Distance Learning 2.0 I felt pretty good about it. Until I didn’t…

(this is not against the teachers, they are amongst us in the trenches too)

First grade it is more hand over hand with the distance learning. First call 8am (swipe to see schedule) and so on. Toggling this, printing that, to take a photo of the work to attach to google drive, 10 minutes til the next zoom call. While keeping the younger sibling quiet + occupied (remember hand over hand?) Sign into this app, watch a video, print this and then upload it to seesaw.

It only took 1 week of this to have my moment: I was actually already homeschooling. But it was someone else’s curriculum. With deadlines. And a tight schedule. While trying to keep one quiet and the other one engaged. It hit me; we could be learning so much more at our own pace. Both kids! No stressful mornings. No more tears. No more shhh to one and struggling with another. No “busy work”, no waiting and wondering; if and when they open….what if someone gets it in class? How will the mask wearing work out with a 6 year old who doesn’t like it on an errand trip to Target? A clear wall built on each child’s desk? Just NO!

That is the beauty of freedom.

Once I started really digging into to this homeschool journey I found that we can actually do it. I can teach both kids for a fraction on the time and stress! But as in really teach them. It’s not always about sitting in one spot going through the pages of a textbook. It’s so much more than that. We homeschool from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed. Now don’t get me wrong, we do have our textbook time. (Check out my post on the curriculum I chose) The so much more is lessons throughout the day. Life lessons + experiences. The things public school just can’t offer. Like a trip to Home Depot to pick our herbs for our garden. We learned all about the different types of herbs and how to use them. We went home and planted all of them, together. A really precious moment for me.

See I was once that Mom, the one who thought homeschool kids were a bit odd. Not having the socialization that kids who went to public school had. Well that’s a lie. Since covid my kids have had more socialization than they did before the closure. Our neighborhood has come alive during this time. Kids are everywhere! Mine have made their first best friends, playing, swimming, sleepovers, crafting etc. Also extracurricular activities are still going on. The pandemic has changed our life in ways I only dreamed about. It’s given us more freedoms with our kids. Sure where some have faded away or gone completely dark we are so thankful to have realized we do have control our children’s education, in the home. And right now there’s no place I’d rather be.

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