To Post or Not to Post: your kids photos on Social Media.

To Post or Not to Post: your kids photos on Social Media.

Clearly I do this. Like so many other moms out there, I love to share my daily grind, my experiences and all things motherhood and lifestyle. But recently with all the information that has come to light I am at a cross roads. Many things have been running through my head.

Did I ruin their digital footprint?

Will they face future discrimination?

Has anyone stolen a photo?

Was it sold?

Or worse?

Once a photo is live on any social media outlet it can go anywhere. I’ve heard countless stories of children’s photos being sent to the darkest corners of the Internet. Not to mention if I decided to “delete” a photo it will stay on google for years to come.

Whats too much?

A close up?

A cute sink bath pic?

A day at the beach?

Location tagging?

Using names in a caption?

Guilty on all accounts.

In the age of facial recognition, online harassment + as of late; pedophylia flooding our news feeds, it’s on a lot of parents minds.

Do you have rules or boundaries on what you share?

Do you ask them if it’s ok, given they’re old enough?

“Much of it is common sense, says Bex Lewis, senior lecturer in digital marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University and author of Raising Children in a Digital Age. “Try not to put their school uniform in, try not to show that you have a regular pattern every day.” Most parents, you would hope, wouldn’t post pictures of their children naked but there are other things parents should perhaps think twice about. It is probably not fair, she says, to show pictures of a child having a meltdown, “although those are quite funny to watch”.

Turn off geotagging, which tells internet users where you are, and lock down your privacy settings. Even then, “there is always a chance someone could screenshot the pictures, but someone could take a picture of your child in the park, and if you thought like that you’d never go anywhere. Keep the child involved in the conversation from an early age. The digital world is an everyday part of our lives now. It’s still evolving, so I’m not sure there are any fixed rules, but having a bit of thought about what you are posting and where you’re posting it is the critical thing.” Emine Saner

Listen you’re not alone if you might be second guessing all those amazing photos that you posted (or the ones you’re planning on posting). I am in NO WAY saying we as parents should stop sharing! This is in many ways a lifeline for many of us. The tribe vibe, the sense of not feeling alone of this parenthood journey. It is a way to connect with other parents across the globe, get advice and feel supported. I am saying maybe we should start looking at the long term effects and the risk reward.

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I would love to have been a Mom in the 80’s? A Beverly Goldberg perhaps?

“I Made These People. Me. I Made Them With My Body.”

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