Summers end feels FINAL…

Summers end feels FINAL…
Shaw’s Cove our little paradise

Once she walks into her classroom on Monday it will be longest (besides that bachelorette party weekend, and the one time I flew to NY for a funeral) amount of time we’ve ever been apart. From the day you were conceived I knew that I wanted to spend every second with you. (Not a helicopter mom, more of the smothering type) Even becoming a stay at home mom. I quit my promising job never to look back. It was the best life choice I’ve ever made. Which is why this new chapter is going to be a rough one for me.

How could I not want to spend every minute with face, 10 days old.

I want someone to pinch me and wake me up from this dream. I have to be dreaming. I know some Moms have been counting down the days until the first day of school. I’m doing the opposite. I want time to stop and stand still.

This summer has been nothing like any other. Moving cross country to start anew has been everything and more. Hell; we’re still not fully unpacked due to the amazing times. It usually went like this, “tomorrow we’re gonna do the play room, and kids rooms….”

Followed by a; “screw it; beach day”

“pool day, park time, slip n slide and more”

I wanted this summer to last forever. Sadly, it was the shortest summer we can remember.

RIP to the days we stayed in our pj’s all day, had breakfast at 10:30; yes babe you’ve mastered the art of sleeping in. Maybe it was all that co sleeping we did since birth.

Anyhow I’ll miss the lazy days and the days before Didi. Just us running errands, TJ Maxx shopping trips, visiting daddy for lunch, thrift shopping, back and forth to Publix, speech and dance.

The best year of our lives…1st birthday
Amelia turns 2…

Sometimes we’d wake up and I would have this wild hair idea of some DIY project that involved picking something up from a vintage thrift store, and then the countless times we’d head over to Home Depot for spray paint.

3…already, I can’t believe your 3.

We’ve spent a lot of time together the last few years. You’ve been my little munchie; always on the go with me. Always down for whatever. My first born free spirited child.

Half day Pre-K (easing into it)

But no matter how I feel, the first day of school is closing in on us. And so I’ll do what so many other parents will be doing on that same day: I’ll arrange my letter-board

to say First day of Kindergarten, I’ll have you hold it up on while I snap your pic for the gram. And then we’ll get in the car and sing our favorites on the way to school.

Playlist includes: “California girls, & High Hopes.” I’ll find a parking spot, make sure you’ve got all your things, and walk you to your classroom. I’ll kiss you goodbye, while choking up hoping you don’t see how sad I really am. Walking back to the car in oversized shades I will be holding it together as I pass by other parents doing the same. Once I climb back in my car it will go down. I will cry until I look like cherry red tomato and then drive home to a state of “now what”?

Until the clock strikes “pick up time” we’ll be waiting to hear all about your first day.

I know this is just another change in our lives. As my best friend calls it “The Progression of Life.”(Let’s be real we’ve been pretty good at change with moving so much) But this, this seems so hard. At the end of the day I know deep down that this is going to be great for all of us. She’ll be learning so much, becoming much more independent, and getting to spread her wings a little. I’ll get to have that one on one time with my Didi babe. He doesn’t know it yet but he has a new favorite seat in the house, the potty.

Much Love,

You are more than ready babe. Let’s do this!
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