Bored, huh?

Bored, huh?

You would think in the world we live in today that bored wouldn’t even be a thing! I’ve heard that word a few times in last couple weeks from our daughter who is 4 almost 5. I’m like ? Bored? How? Given the technology that our babes have at their fingertips. Guilty! Both of our babes have iPads. (This is the part where you can judge) Because like you; I said “no way my kids will not have tablets or iPads”! Here almost 5 years later, she is on her third device; he’s on his first! But how can we deny the fact that our world has become so technologically advanced. We can’t. That goes for our babes too. They only imitate what they see. Of course we used to hand them our phones, & iPads, but after the first incident (at age 1 she drove over my husbands iPad; multiple times, in her ride on car. It was done). Since then we have chosen to get them their own. These are older generation iPads with giant indestructible cases. I used to feel guilty about it. I know my childhood did not look like this.

“The only phone we had was a landline push button attached to the wall in the kitchen. Or how about when the Commodore 64 was your families shared computer.”

The screen was a murky green with neon type font. Anyone up for a game of frogger using a joystick on Atari? Maybe just some super Mario on Nintendo. This is how I grew up. Technology wasn’t really a thing. We played outside until dinner, we went to our friends houses by bike and knocked on the door to see if they were home. Our parents only had to worry about where we were and who we were with.

In today’s world it’s much more complex. Now even when our kids are home “safe” we have a different kind of protection to uphold. Smartphones, tablets and computers. We need to be savvy, and continue to practice moderation. Too much of anything is bad and unfortunately raising my babes in an 1980’s style approach just isn’t realistic.

How do you keep your kids in balance with digital media and technology?

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